you’ll never take us alive

It’s the morning after. Even by trip to San Angelo standards this was a tough one. Three days with virtually no sleep, culminating in a white-knuckle 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. drive home ending in heavy fog. I slept through the last hour of the trip entirely, which was unfortunate given that I was driving at the time. But, as with any good Hallmark movie, we survived. We fell asleep instantly after walking in the door, and awoke at 10 a.m. today.

At 10:30, there’s a knock at the door. Mo, the household’s Ambassador of Goodwill, answers.

It’s a cop. Yikes.

“Are you Amanda Shepherd?” he asks her.

My mind races. I don’t remember running over anyone on the way home. Sure, we drove cross-country through Eden, but it’s a small town and it was late, and after all, roads are for suckers. I have visions of Mo going to jail. I will visit her next weekend. No, there’s a race next weekend. Maybe over the Easter holiday.

“Yes,” she answers foolishly.

“You left these in your car door,” he says, handing her my car keys.

“How did you find me, copper!!!?” she asks.

“I ran the plates,” he says. Modern police technology. Amazing.

Mo’s not going to jail. I’m going back to bed. What a relief. I likely will have to work on Easter anyhow …

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1 Response to you’ll never take us alive

  1. Pochero says:

    Somehow, “How did you find me, copper!!!?” brought images of James Cagney.
    Did Mo smash a grapefruit into your face at breakfast? 😉

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