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you’ll never take us alive

It’s the morning after. Even by trip to San Angelo standards this was a tough one. Three days with virtually no sleep, culminating in a white-knuckle 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. drive home ending in heavy fog. I slept through … Continue reading

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mo sheppo’s guide to winning a race award

1. Drive six hours to a small city in West Texas. Make sure it’s the weekend of the Superhero 5K, which draws most of the city’s runners. Go to the OTHER race, a small trail race just outside of town … Continue reading

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things my dad taught me

Once upon a tandem, my dad and I set out to ride across the Rockies on a bicycle for two. I never said this was a good idea. Well, I probably did, but clearly I was lying. I was living … Continue reading

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just another brotherly conversation

brother the elder: Hey. Thought you should know that dad’s in the hospital. me: OK. Good timing. We’re coming down tomorrow morning anyhow. brother the elder: Ah. You’re running the Super Hero 5K? me: NO! Can’t I just come up … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 37

“I think we could have our own team, Team DNS, but we’d never be at any races so what would be the point.” — steve peet

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