my altra olympus review, part 6

I’m sure you know the drill when you switch to a new shoe model. You try on the shoes. They feel great. A few runs later, still great. Several runs after that, great, great and great.

But it’s only too many miles later that you discover a huge defect with the shoe. That happened to me today with the Altra Olympi.

Sure, they feel great. A cushioned ride that still allows feedback from the trail. A heel that’s just tight enough combined with a toe box that’s just big enough. Bliss.

So what’s wrong?

They stole my car keys.

As I was on my way out to run today, my keys were missing. I checked the usual places. Pants pockets, little table, couch, chair, floor, crunchy peanut butter jar, freezer, cat box. Nothing. I searched again. And again. Nothing. The worst feeling in the world (other than watching the episode of “Happy Days” in which Fonzie jumps over the sharks) is watching the minutes tick away when you have a limited time to run. I was screwed.

Pausing between rounds of “Where’s Waldo’s Keys?”, I put on my left shoe. It was considerably less comfortable than usual. The reason? My keys were in it.

Why would they do this? I can only guess that despite all their positive traits, the Altra Olympi are inherently lazy. They do not care to go for a run at all, thank you very much. They will just curl up in the living room and snooze. Please call if you need them. Please don’t call. I think they’re spending too much time with the cat.

So if you want a shoe that gives you the perfect ride, the Altra Olympus is the shoe for you. But get a ride, since you won’t be able to start your car.

mmmm. Crunchy peanut butter …


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