the mailbox

Dad and I walked to the mailbox today. And then we kept going.

We were out for the daily stroll as part of his rehab. He’s getting a little stronger every day, so this was a pretty cool breakthrough.

It’s a small victory, just a couple hundred extra yards added to his walk. But it’s a victory nonetheless.

We get so caught up in numbers and distances and times and records. Everything has to be bigger and faster. Why?

Running, and life, is so simple. Just little steps you do the best you can. Everyone’s best is different. You just have to find yours.

I worry so much about getting slower, running less, stuck on short distances. Does it really matter? The only thing I can do is my best. It may not be as good as yours, but it’s mine. I’ll take it.

Life is short. Pull on the running shoes, head out the door and get going.

And maybe if you’re lucky, when you get to the mailbox you keep going …


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2 Responses to the mailbox

  1. Madiantin says:

    I loved this post. It was so encouraging!! I need to quit beating myself up that I can’t run as much as I used to and just enjoy running what I can. Thank you so much.

  2. Bubbles McGillicutty says:

    Yep. Exactly.

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