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Mr. Pants’ Guide to Using an iPhone While Running

1. Pull off  to the side of the trail and come to a complete stop. (kids: Never text and run.) 2. Turn on phone. 3. Notice screen is unusually dark. Annoyingly dark. Unusably dark. 4. Turn off and on again, the Mr. … Continue reading

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crayons vs. environmentalism

Burnt orange was always next to pine green in the crayon box, which I was certain implied something about Crayola’s stance on forest thinning. Unfortunately, I never figured out what that was. — mild sauce

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of starry eyes and orange beanies

I blame Laura. The story begins with Mild Sauce’s socks. They are legendary for their ability to give superhuman speed to anyone who possesses it. I was skepticaltill the Jenster stole one and gave it to Mr. Penguin, who then … Continue reading

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Just so you know

If you’re ever facing the choice between sitting on your GU and not sitting on your GU, maybe go with that second one.

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things i wish i had said, part 40

I don’t love running more than I love my wife. (Come to think of it, I HATE running. Why am I wasting my time with this activity? Holy crap.) — frisbee kitty

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When fortune cookies go bad

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running & being: some viewpoints

THE QUESTION: What if it wasn’t just a hypothetical? What if it wasn’t just the theoretical question of whether running faster, running happier was worth knocking an undetermined number of years off of your life?What if you accidentally discovered that … Continue reading

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