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still reeling

I head out for a short run. It’s supposed to be a day off, but an unfortunate encounter with a plate of peanut butter cookies means I can either run or eat sticks for the duration of the evening. And … Continue reading

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all you need to know about me, part 2

I was 16 and applying for my first driver’s license. I was nervous. (We will save the story about how I hit the car next to me while backing out to begin my driver’s test for another day when I’ve … Continue reading

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the quotable mo sheppo

“My advice to you: Never try to make the cat watch a fireworks display.”

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why the u.s. postal service is doomed. a photo essay.

It all seemed so simple. 1. I mail out the 72 HOM stickers. 2. I drink a black butte porter. 3. I sketch out a blueprint for solving the Eastern Ukrainian Krisis. I haven’t gotten too far on that one, … Continue reading

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all you really need to know about me

I must always put on the right running shoe first. Then the left one. But then I must always tie the left running shoe first. Then the right one. Failure to do so will cause the world to end. This is … Continue reading

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