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wes and me

Nobody said this stuff was supposed to be good for you. Wes Welker is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. (I should pause here to say that I don’t follow sports much, I’m fuzzy on the details of what … Continue reading

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no tears. i was just sweating. honest

Longtime readers will recall that I am a West Texas boy. I grew up in the land of mesquite trees, barbed wire fences and Dr Pepper. I led a sheltered childhood, not finding out till many years later that Barry Manilow wrote … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 59

mo: How was your run? me: Great! I found a new course! mo:  (long pause) Is it noticeable when my eyes start to glaze over? me: You asked. mo: zzzzzzzzzzz Now mo will never find out about the scofflaw gull. Her loss.

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the last jalapeño

I finished last in a race. Again. As I have become increasingly snail-like, I find myself turning to the solace of trail runs. It’s easier to disappear into the foliage as the runners fly ahead. That’s what led us to the … Continue reading

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mo and the big fish

xx x x

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