selena and the lost mermaid

The 6-mile run sounded a lot more romantic when Dr. Sheehan wrote about it.

But it was OK. The best thing about my 6-mile course along the beach is that the turnaround is just past the Selena shrine. You can’t go wrong with a run that goes by the Selena shrine. It’s embarrassing that I’ve lived here for four years and Gumbo, visiting from Louisiana by way of Houston, knows more about her than I do just from watching a movie. But I probably know more about Pee-Wee Herman, so I suppose we’re even.

The usual OK out and wind-crazed death march back. Just staying in zone 2. Someday I’ll get the 14:45 sidle down coming back. Today was not that day. Drenched by storm for last mile or so, which would have been great fun if I weren’t carrying a $700 phone. Damn technology.

Saddest sight today: An abandoned Hello Mermaid flip-flop. I wonder if the kid is flipping or flopping now as a result. Heartbreaking. Dr. Sheehan did not warn me I’d have to see stuff like this.

Or maybe this. Homeless guy left all his belongings in a clump of grass along my path. New Testament, sweatshirt, toothpaste, Western novel. Someone’s life. I surveyed it for a second before glancing back at my $250 watch. Do unto the least of these …

I’m not sure I’ll ever get Labor Day. I don’t think we put up any decorations or anything. But I have to work today, so I guess I don’t need to. It’s September? Wow.

No runner’s high, no marathon aspirations, but no heart attack. Thanks, Dr. Sheehan. See you tomorrow.

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