pop candy

“Hearing bands that never got played on the radio, reading books banned by our school library, seeing films that had been dubbed from tape to tape to tape — those electric jolts of discovery woke me up. The more stuff I found, loved and shared, the more I understood the best things in life usually don’t have a fan club, and art that doesn’t elicit emotion probably isn’t worth my time.”

— Whitney Matheson, USA Today pop culture blogger who was laid off after 15 years without getting to say goodbye to her readers. This is from her farewell blog post that she posted on her own website afterward.

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  1. tosuperstar says:

    Well said Whitney! My favorite college bands were locals, Blackberry Winter and Timberline. I still love it when Timberline guitarist and lead singer Jim Salestrom plays locally once a year. He traveled with Dolly Parton as a guitarist for many years. As good as anyone I ever heard.

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