science to the spirit’s rescue, indeed

I remember the old days. I would put on my shoes, head out the door and run. Sometimes to a destination or with a purpose, but usually just a random celebration of life to feel the breeze and inhale the morning and revel in the glorious slow ache that comes over the body during an hour of what Dr. Sheehan called finding something in me that was just perfect.

What a chump.

Today I ran exactly 4.00 miles. My stride length was .073. My cadence was 165 strides per minute, with a max of 183. My average heart rate was 137, with 20 minutes above 144 bpm. Four sets of five minutes with 1 minute recoveries. 54 feet of elevation gain ranging in elevation from 3 feet to 31 feet. 531 calories burned. Splits, average pace, barometric pressure, Super Lotto bonus number, weight, number of miles on Oggi Tartufo? They’re all there. Just gotta figure out how to monitor my gum chewing at aerobic threshold. There’s probably a $79 add-on module that will do it.

Maybe today was a lovely day to run. Might have been a breeze. Could have been something in me that was perfect. Don’t know. Too busy monitoring my mediocrity to notice.

But my numbers went up! It means I’m having more fun.

Maybe my garmin will break soon …

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