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the sky is just a little sister

If my life were a movie there would be a sunset and the camera would pan away — the prophet ani — In the morning, I ask Mo what happened. She says I wasn’t hyperventilating at all; that I stopped breathing. … Continue reading

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my life as don juan

I’m leaving on the 1:15 you’re darn right — the prophet joni — I’m in some variation of “Ocean’s Eleven.” I assume I am Brad Pitt, but there’s no mirror, so I’m not sure. I know, I know. I’m Carl … Continue reading

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on the other hand, it’s a pretty good album

If you had told 23-year-old Gary that 35 years later he’d be running while livestreaming the new unreleased Ani album off of the New York Times website through a portable phone supercharged with a tiny power amp boosted by a solar … Continue reading

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oh well

When everything is wrong And ending all along And everyone’s to blame And everything’s the same Sometimes you come up short Sometimes not at all. Oh well — the prophet brett babb — To modify the beloved phrase from genius … Continue reading

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A: Eight

Q. How many peanut butter cookies can you eat before you totally forget back when it was that eating peanut butter cookies seemed like a good idea? I’m beginning to lose faith in the “take your total daily mileage, multiply … Continue reading

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nature calls

As it turns out, nature did not give up and stop raining, and I didn’t give up and go inside. It was fun, in a West Texas/Arizona boys don’t like running in the rain sorta way. Really slow because most … Continue reading

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a man hears what he wants to hear

I am just a poor boy. Though my story’s seldom told, I have squandered my resistance For a pocketful of mumbles, Such are promises — the prophet paul simon — I’m running fartleks. Mostly just pushing the straights, coasting the turns, wondering why … Continue reading

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