dangling from the power lines

One more time around
Might do it
— the prophet cornell

It’s just 210 days, right? How hard could that be? A couple of Soundgarden albums, a little Tailwind, three pairs of shoes. A Sequel cap, a half-charged Garmin, a resurrected iPod pumped through some gorilla-glued Bose headphones. A memory of how it’s done, a dream of how it could be. Body Glide, an ice cream sandwich, a pint of chocolate milk, a single-track trail and a long stretch of sidewalk with a surfing Jesus and a magic fountain. Half-inch tape, freebie sunglasses from Bumbershoot. A trail monkey and a Masa Muchacho. An acknowledgement of so many false starts; the anticipation of a clean slate. Boost. Diet Coke. Clif Bars. Tempo. Hill. Tempo. Hill. Braving sub-60 temps. Fall. Get up. Fall again. Repeat as necessary. Sunscreen (just kidding). A Rocky and Bullwinkle skit. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Again? This time for sure. Life is a movie. Write your own ending. A Box of Rox at the end of the road. A journey. An adventure. A celebration. Take a bow. Throw up while you’re down there. Just do it.

On with the show.

This is it.


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