an empanada a day …

Today is the first day off under the “This Is all Jenny’s Fault Marathon Training Plan.” Simple, right? The question is: When?

I’m not running today, but I’m not sure when I should not run. Do I stick to the usual running schedule and aim for noon? Or can I put it off and not run later in the day? Maybe don’t run during my dinner break? Or I could pretend I’m back in the Muskrat Challenge and not run after work.

The Prophet Higdon doesn’t spell these things out in the training program. Probably so you buy the pricier online version. Bright side: This would allow me to find out on Pace runs when exactly you’re supposed to drink the hot sauce.

All I know for sure is that Mo brought home empanadas after getting her $6 haircut (adorable!), and I’ve discovered that six was probably five too many. So maybe I’m putting it off for a while.

And it’s been an easy week. Maybe I’ll try my first two-a-day.

And then see if there are any empanadas left …

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