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one day on the church loop

head: why do you keep doing that? me: what? head: you duck every time we go under that branch. me: I don’t want to hit it. head: you won’t hit it. it’s clearly tall enough that you don’t need to … Continue reading

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the quotable mo sheppo, part 5

“You’re going to love this green bean. Nobody has touched it.” Now I’m worried about all the other green beans.

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Dear first baptist church

Please don’t leave your spare letters sitting next to the sign at the start of my running course. Lead me not into temptation, right? Deliver me from weevils. See you at 5:30. I hope you’re serving Shiner. Sincerely, gary

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Things i wish i had said, part 45

“A nude cellmate is never a good thing.” — flying matzi

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i can’t breathe

I’m sitting on the bench next to the front door of the store. I don’t feel like a criminal. Mo texted and asked me to bring her jacket over. She’s in the cold room, she wrote. Just knock on the door. … Continue reading

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