selena and me

Sometimes a course just works out. That’s the way it is with me and Selena.

Longtime readers will recall that my normal course is along the bay. It’s the Official Place To Run where I live. A sidewalk made for hikers, bikers, runners and dogs on retractable leashes that goes along forever. Potties, water fountains, snow cone stands. A runner’s dream, and there’s no Malaysian transit official involved.

Today’s run on The World’s Longest Marathon Training Plan was a 6-miler. Which means a trip to Selena’s joint.

If you start from the little road leading to the First Baptist Church (and don’t we all?), it’s  EXACTLY 3 miles to Selena. It’s not really her; it’s a statue and shrine built in her honor along the race course. I’m not really sure if she was a runner, although I’m sure sequined bustiers (yes, i blush when i type “bustier”) would fit in nicely on the race circuit.

I must admit I didn’t know much about her when we moved here. But Gumbo, here for the 72 HOM before she started toting a watermelon in her singlet, explained to me that she was one of two sisters who excelled at tennis. Or something. Gumbo was in the early stages of her pregnancy back then and was quite drunk.

But it’s a great out-and-back run. There’s something about a great destination at the turnaround that makes a run feel right. Not just a look at the watch oh it’s 3 miles time to turn around, but an encounter with a landmark. And the landmark has a water fountain and snow cone stand. I truly live a blessed life.

So that was today’s run. It was desperately cold, around 50, so the usual crowd wasn’t there. I paused to say hi, to think how sad it is to tragically die too young, to think how sad it is that vrb Jenny has been to BOTH her cemetery and museum, to think how nice it is to turn around and run south when a cold north wind is blowing.

Thanks for a great run, Selena. Let’s do it again next Tuesday. Jenny says hey. Gumbo apologizes for pointing.

And good luck at Wimbledon …


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