my obituary

justanotherduke, a very clever guy on the RW Loop, wrote my obit for me. Now I’m all excited about dying. This is it.

Corpus Christi Obituaries

Gary “Garbanzo a Go Go” Smith perished in the early hours of Saturday morning doing what he loved most, copy editing. Mr. A Go Go, as he’s known among friends at the snow cone stand, was muttering something about “trail running is not a fad” while editing an article for the health and fitness section.  “Then he just dropped”, explained a coworker, “with his fist still clenched above his head.”  Gary will be remembered for his stunning victory in the 72 HOM this past summer and his awkward sideways hugs.  Tony Krupicka could not be reached for comment.

The coroner’s office determined that a monkey heart, a large vanilla frosty, and a Hello Kitty balloon all played a role.  The death is not considered suspicious and has been ruled an accident. 

Gary leaves behind his beloved 1988 Honda Civic, BK, and Mo Sheppo, who coincidentally inhereted $26.2 million on Saturday from a distant relative she simply referred to as “Mr. Pants”.  Traditional Texas services will be held on Tuesday December 9th from 4-6 pm at Wendy’s.  Guests are asked to wear Alpaca wool hats and to bring pineapples with french accents.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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5 Responses to my obituary

  1. mosheppo says:

    We have to get out of here. I think its a song.

  2. jenster says:

    You have my address. Looking forward to seeing the ranchadillo in the mail!

  3. JustaJester says:

    Not surprisingly, a few celebs have picked up the news and are tweeting their condolences. Speaking for his brothers, Nick Jonas said, “Alas, we hardly knew him.” Dick Cheney noted, “At least for a while I won’t be the only one that smells funny.”

  4. gary says:

    i thought it was funny that mo only got third billing.

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