the big picture

I’m headed out for a 4 miler. It’s just an easy run on the heels of yesterday’s tempo effort. OK, maybe on the midfoot of yesterday’s tempo effort. I don’t want to do it. But.

Training schedules are funny. You don’t want to look too far down the page. The miles become longer; the effort harder. How can I possibly get there, you think. So far to go.

The answer, of course, is to just go one day at a time. A tempo here, a long run there, an Ironbeer always. Miles turn into days turn into weeks turn into a marathon.

I guess it’s the same way with life. We have plans that seem so far away, unattainable. How to get there?

We just make it through today. And then tomorrow. Keep a plan in place and know where you’re going, but don’t worry if you miss a run or two along the way. Life is a long training plan. We’ll get there someday.

Four miles at a time.

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2 Responses to the big picture

  1. Kevin says:

    Sound advice. Tough to always keep the training in perspective

  2. pscapp says:

    I find that all training schedules assume the sun shines every day, you never get hurt, feel like running every day, that it never rains, never gets too hot or cold to run, that the car never needs a new timing belt, that the cats and the kids don’t get sick, that the bills don’t pile up, that the lawn never needs to be mowed or the sidewalks never need to be shoveled and on and on. Like you said – Just like life.

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