tales of the ten o’clock running society. a photo essay.

I’m calling from the diner
the diner on the corner
I ordered two coffees
one is for you
I was hoping you’d join me
’cause I ain’t go no money
and I really miss you
I should mention that too
— the prophet ani

Limitless Ironbeers, two lucha lubre wrestlers, a ranchadillo, a disappearing bag of Oreos, a daily rendition of the theme from “Oklahoma” at the starting line, an upside-down headamp run in daylight, Surfing Jesus and the Magic Fountain, three friends, a Solemn Vow Never To Wash Our Running Clothes Ever Again.

 A couple of trail monkeys, a wrong turn that ended up with a course in the ocean, multiple visits to Halley’s Comet, temperatures that plunged as low as the mid-60s, Brooks and Hokas and ASICS and New Balance and Skechers peacefully cohabitating, The Daring Pregnant Pit Bull Smackdown, The Great Gu Science Experiment of 2014, a couple of cracked ribs, a visit from Rudoph.

An encounter with a reluctant Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, a bow and/or curtsy whenever a faster runner passed, a strict mallet ban, the watchful eye of the spirit of Selena, and a constantly changing list of bylaws that would put Calvinball to shame. Every day, a run that could NOT start at 10:00. The Trial of Smiles; Smiles of Trials. How could he make them understand?

We called it the ten o’clock running society. We ran a lot. And laughed a lot more. you probably had to be there.




















the great gu science experiment of 2014. Yes, she’s still alive four days later.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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