sabrina little has no particular opinion on margarine

The mind races.

You’re looking at the ultrarunning record list. Yiannis Kouros’ 188.589 miles in 24 hours (couldn’t he have sucked it up and finished that extra .411?). Mike Morton’s 172.5. Sabrina Little, who lives just down the road in waco, and her 152 miles in one day.  Zach Bitter’s 100 miles in 11:47.  the legendary Ann Trason’s 13:47.  Wolfgang Schwerk’s 3,100 miles (on a half-mile sidewalk course) in 41 days and 8 hours. 1,000 miles in 14 days and change by Don Winkley, the guy who you see on your course now and then,  when he was 59.

You’re reminded for the millionth time: There are no limits. None. There are just excuses.

You suck it up and stroll 4 miles at 14:20 pace, fast enough to finish a hundred miles in 24 hours with time left over for a blue popsicle. It’s an Epiphany. or a Delusion. maybe just a Dream.  You must find that runner you once were. Learn from your vrb. Be fearless. The mind races. You dare the body to keep up with it. No limits.

But maybe no more slutties. Or banana popsicles …

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