a supreme day

I stopped during my run today to high-five peeps celebrating outside the courthouse and take a photo of an event I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. A rainbow flag waved proudly just below the stars and stripes.

A reporter asked me if I was part of the LGBT community. uhhhhhhhhhh. No, i finally said. Only a couple of miles down the road during my run did I think of the proper reply.

Damn right, I’m part of the LGBT community. And I’m a raging feminist. And I’m the little black girl at the door of the church in Charleston. And I’m the Native American just outside of Scottsdale yelling at the marathoners to stop peeing on his sacred land. We all are.

I was listening to the prophet Ani during my run (what better companion today?) and she sang, “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have an abortion.” Isn’t that true of so much in life?

I once ran a supermarathon with a Russian guy who introduced himself simply as “un hombre de mundo.” Only years later do i understand. There’s no geography, no labels, no barriers except the ones we build overselves.

I am so glad I was around to see this one torn down.

Thanks, Supremes. Thanks, All of us.

side note: 4 miles on the magic fountain course (12:10). back in the piranhas. everything felt fine. go figure.

side note 2: gay folks are not that fond of sweaty hugs. who knew?


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