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just another work conversation, part 26

intern: I think I saw you running yesterday. me: And you didn’t run over me? intern: I wasn’t sure it was you. note to self: be nicer to interns.

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life is funny, part 361

I run at noonish. Given my geographical lot in life, that means my summer runs vary between way too hot and oh my god just kill me now. Luckily, I don’t think it’s done too much damage to my brain. … Continue reading

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that last kiss

g — She was the first woman I ever truly loved, and it was our last kiss. I knew things were ending, the way you know when a storm is coming or the Oreo package is depressingly light or your … Continue reading

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just another late night conversation

me: You bought $80 worth of stuff at the grocery store and there’s nothing to eat? mo: Alcohol. me: Oh. Never mind. I think I remember reading somewhere once that Bill Rodgers had nothing but Shiner and popsicles on the … Continue reading

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running dilemmas

1. I had just started my run yesterday when I noticed that Mr. Neil Young was busking near the Halley’s Comet sign. If you are a fan of Neil Young, you will remember the video way back when in which … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 64

me: You’re in luck! The New York Times says that cool people used to look down on nerds. Now cool people PRETEND to be nerds. mo: ARE YOU SAYING I’M A NERD??? me: ummmmm I thought she knew. I hope … Continue reading

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what i have learned in 59 years on the planet: an essay

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