except maybe for tornadoes

I’m reading about Tony Hsich, the Zappos CEO. He’s worth $840 million. And he lives in a trailer park.

OK, it’s HIS trailer park, in Las Vegas. But a guy who could live pretty much anywhere is living in an Airstream trailer. With an alpaca. Each night there’s a bonfire and a movie. He describes the park as “urban camping with everyone sharing the world’s largest living room (which has a community kitchen and campfires).”

It strikes me as the perfect life for runners. That word. Airstream. It sounds like a great run. We could set up anywhere. One of the Bearded Brothers (makers of the Austin energy bars) did it recently. Wife and two kids and total freedom. He loves it.

It’s not a lot of space, but how much do you really need in life? A bunch of Oreos, a pile of running stuff, a book or two by Dr. Sheehan and Dr. Seuss. Everything else is just clutter.

I say we make it happen. I’ll start shopping for an alpaca. Please come up with $840 million. See you at the campfire.

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1 Response to except maybe for tornadoes

  1. How I’d eat all those doughnuts right about now. But my husband calls them dough-nots.

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