the day i tried to buy sunglasses

nice clerk: Can I help you?

me: I’m trying to buy sunglasses.

nice clerk: Ah. What will you be using them for?

me: Blocking the sun.

nice clerk: But what sport?

me: Running.

nice clerk: Then you’ll want Oakleys.

me: Why?

nice clerk: Because they’re made for running.

me: I don’t see any sort of labeling. How can I tell if they have uva AND uvb protection?

nice clerk:  Sunglasses don’t come with those ratings.

me: Excuse me?

nice clerk: You’re thinking of sunscreen. SPF levels are sunscreen. Sunglasses don’t have that.

me: I think they should have a label on them.

nice clerk: Nobody has ever asked me that. I don’t think they do.

me: I think they should. See, these over here have a 400 sticker on them.

nice clerk: No, those are $180.

me: But the 400 rating would mean they’re good.

nice clerk: No, those glasses are for fishing. You want Oakleys.

me: Thank you very much. You’ve been very helpful.

nice clerk: No problem. Have a great day!

I have decided to just go blind instead. I’m guessing it will be easier to buy sunglasses then …

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3 Responses to the day i tried to buy sunglasses

  1. tosuperstar says:

    My suggestion, HD Vision™ Ultras $10 – As Seen On TV., But wait, there is more, get a second pair free and pay just shipping. But Wait, get this, 100% Full UV 400 Protection!

  2. Bubbles McGillicutty says:

    I have had two pairs of Boston Bills sunglasses. Got the first pair at a race expo. The earpiece broke after about two years (I always picked them up by the end of the earpiece). I emailed them to ask for a new earpiece. Their response: sent me a brand new pair of sunglasses with a note that said that I could either swap the earpieces or wear the new shades. Either way the new shades were mine to keep.

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