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hello, it’s me

  Jenster was talking today about how whenever she hears Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” it reminds her of the time she drove cross-country in a moving truck with her dad listening to “Bat out of hell” as the … Continue reading

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what’s the deal with david foster wallace’s penis

“Mediocrity is contextual,” David Foster Wallace wrote in his masterwork and paperweight extraordinaire, “Infinite Jest.” I came across the quote today while looking up the chapter titles as possible headline fodder for the blog, or possibly as highbrow insertions for … Continue reading

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mo and the lucha gatos

art is the reason I get up in the morning but the definition ends there it doesn’t seem fair that i’m living for something i can’t even define. — the prophet ani   

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friday night lights

   Hair can be art, too.  the art walk is a melting pot of people. we’re sitting in front of an apartment building that has become the impromptu backdrop for a concert. the darkness of the street contrasts with the … Continue reading

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my asics fresh foam zante (with lanolin) review

Longtime readers will recall I’ve been working my way through every running shoe ever made. I began the experiment 35 years or so ago with adidas (rom?). It’s only fitting that I end with the Zante. If you’ve been under … Continue reading

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life is funny, part 362

I’m looking in the mirror at an old T-shirt given to me by my good friend Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine. Or maybe he made me pay 20 bucks for it. And possibly I’ve never actually met him. Longtime readers … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 52

Pictures never do her justice, you know? She always says she wishes there was a way to do people’s lives a little more justice. — bryn k. chancellor

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