life as a white guy


s sometimes i’m glad to have a running blog. that way, you don’t find yourself going off on a rant about how if you agree to be a cop and go into a classroom and a student isn’t respectful, you can’t put her in a chokehold and throw her across the room, partly because you must know someone will be taping it, partly because we are in such a crisis with police vs. African-Americans that you CAN’T do something that will pour fuel onto the fire, partly because a large male assaulting a small female under the guise of necessary force sends out a horrific message to a society wrestling with that problem as well, but mostly because IT’S JUST WRONG. So wrong that I don’t understand how one could possibly condone it. I came across a string of rants from privileged white parents today talking about how if THEY had done that as a kid their parents would’ve taken care of their discipline. Of course, THEY don’t have to worry about getting shot for holding a cellphone, or denied access to a jewelry store because they don’t look “right,” or living in a world where we just pretend that discrimination is a thing of the past. Sometimes I hate the world. Which makes me glad we just have a running blog, so we don’t have to write about that stuff. I ran 4 miles (11:33) on Jesus Etc. today. I think the long-awaited next gear has finally arrived. I saw four cops on the course — two on bikes and two in a little ATV. None of them choked me or threw me across the sidewalk. We waved hello. I saw a couple of them talking to a crazy homeless guy last week. They were respectful and kind. I think the cops here are good guys. But then I’m white.

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