after while, alligator

we’re starting the 12th mile. 2 miles and change to go, and we’re on fumes. mo latches on to a couple of runners just ahead of us. one of them is telling stories nonstop. “i’m running up a hill with a woman. she keeps saying it’s not a hill it’s not a hill. then at the top she says that was some hill. so now anytime i’m on a hill, i say it’s not a hill. then i’m running with a guy who’s saying just one mile just one mile. i tell him there are a lot more than one. he says no just one mile. finally i figure out he’s talking about just running one mile at a time. but i wished there had just been one  more mile.”

that’s the best thing about trail runs. totally unpredictable. you never know what’s over the next hill even though it’s not a hill. just one mile … 


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