don’t it always seem to go

I was randomly looking at running stuff this morning when i came across the link.

she showed up around 2012. great blog. i always thought our blogs were a lot alike, except that she was really fast. and clever. and interesting. and i was … um. well.

I followed her, commenting occasionally and reading religiously. In a Presbyterian sort of way. But I guess you don’t notice when someone disappears. Until you notice.

she had a great hook. her post titles were song lyrics, which she would then identify at the end of the post. they tied into the theme of the post, but they were this entirely different level of cleverness. she told wonderful stories about heroic races, the quirkiness of life, and what the heck was going on underneath guys’ running shorts. the important things in life.  conversational style. super fast. True believer. and if you read her for a week, you felt like you were friends.

March 16, 2014 was her last post. She had just adopted a whippet puppy. Named him Inigo Montoya. Was looking forward to running with him.

and that was that.

2,105 followers. and poof.

what happened? where did she go? if she switched sites, I would think she would offer a forwarding address. did the whippet kill her? did she get hurt and give up the ghost? why would someone who was such a gifted and prolific blogger just stop in the middle of her adventure?

i guess that’s life on the Internet. but still. damn.

About The Runner

13 Things you (don’t really) need to know about the runner behind My Running Shorts:

  1. The runner strives to be, but is not quite a Zen.
  2. The runner is secretly a lazy chocolate-indulging TV-addict (who cancelled her cable subscription, on,y dot replace it with something far more dangerous – Netflix. She is especially happy when chocolate, TV, and running collide.
  3. The runner has approximately 17 pairs of ill-fitting running shoes in her extremely small urban-sized closet.
  4. The runner has a weakness for lame run slogan t-shirts (fast girls finish first!).
  5. The three words that best describe the runner are “on the side”.
  6. The runner has never consumed a cup of coffee or eaten a Big Mac, but has a weakness for animal cookies, which she cruelly eats head first.
  7. The runner’s marathons each have their own silly theme song. And sometimes a dance routine.
  8. The runner is all slow twitch and avoids race distances less than 21.1K in distance.
  9. The runner’s love affair with running is heartily enabled by her fast twitch Husband.
  10. The runner could maybe possibly go faster, but is too afraid of a flame-out to try.
  11. The runner used to be a mad scientist, but in the midst of a life crisis swapped the evil genius career for a new one. The one activity that maintained some degree of sanity (the Husband may disagree) during the transition was the long run.
  12. The runner does not usually refer to herself in the third person.  
  13. This runner loves lists that are 13 items long. And prime numbers. And palindromes. And palindromic primes. And now kind of wants to crop the list to 11.

Title: Big Yellow Taxi — Joni Mitchell

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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4 Responses to don’t it always seem to go

  1. slow ernie says:

    Presbyterians get a lot of the blame for what goes wrong in this world. But still not nearly enough in my book.

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