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ani chronicles, day 3

i wake up to this and totally lose the will to live. i can endure the cold, i suppose, but now i will be playing janis ian’s “i learned the truth at seventeen” in my head all day. dammit.     … Continue reading

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ani chronicles, day 2

mo shuns the hotel coffee. we set out for late for the train. it’s 2 degrees and i’m wearing shorts. i finally learn mo’s priorities. dogs before coffee. as we walk in to the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, i … Continue reading

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the ani chronicles

i want to not be in texas, mo said. it’s not that i don’t want to be in texas, i just want not to be here.  and then, we weren’t.              NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!!! mo screams in deming. two … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 56

“I have spent so long lying around in bed being miserable and hoping for something interesting to happen, and then when interesting things do happen, I get freaked out and wish for that quiet place again.” — Courtney Barnett

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the key to life

“wow. a customer! when was the last time THAT happened? I don’t remember what to say here.” I’ve just walked in to the neighborhood key shop. it’s an old, well-worn place that looks like it’s been there since the beginning … Continue reading

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the answer, my friend

here’s the thing about crappy weather: it’s your friend. i ran 8 miles on the jackalope today. it was exactly the sort of day i hate most. the wind was a steady 25 mph, that kind of south tejas day made … Continue reading

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