the answer, my friend

here’s the thing about crappy weather: it’s your friend.

i ran 8 miles on the jackalope today. it was exactly the sort of day i hate most. the wind was a steady 25 mph, that kind of south tejas day made for kite surfing. sadly, i am not a kite surfer. the jackalope course, an abandoned road along the beach, is totally unprotected. a half mile directly into a sandstorm hurricane, followed by a half mile of being pushed along. but running with the wind on a crappy day never seems to come close to making up for the torture going into it. why does a headwind feel so severe, while tailwinds always seem to disappear?

running in the wind just sucks. every lap, the car calls to you. quit! just fucking quit. perfect excuse. and then you tell your head no and head out for another loop. all you have to do is that next lap, that one more mile. one more lap. just run in the mile. repeat as necessary. so that’s what i did. i hated it most of the way, saved only by aimee mann

So, take this down: I just feel so beat
and I think it’s time to admit defeat
I thought I got mine
but that uphill climbing
is never through

along with an expired diet dr pepper knockoff (yes, i found ANOTHER one in the back of the car), and an old GU (peanut butter. cafeeeeeeeeeeeine!). when it was done, i stashed the memory away. next time when the wind is kicking my butt and i don’t think i can go on, i’ll pull out the mental dvd of this one and play it in my head. just run a mile at a time. what doesn’t kill us only makes us really tired.

crappy weather is your friend. so who needs enemies?

sidenote: if you are ever faced with the choice of spending your day off watching justice scalia’s casket for four hours or NOT watching justice scalia’s casket for four hours, give serious consideration to choosing the second one. you’re welcome. (yes, the Ranchadillo served as honor guard.)


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