shoe roulette

smart people always say the key to finding the right shoe is going to your Local Running Store and trying a bunch of them on.

me? i carry them around in my car.

i’ve been trying to find the key to removing the ice pick from my left knee. other than, of course, not running on the sidewalk with no socks. because, um, well, i’m a moron.

so an endless series of shoes have been going through auditions, sort of like an american idol production except they don’t sing and the shoes haven’t gone off the air and ryan seacrest doesn’t announce mile splits.

the sad part is, just about all of the shoes work fine except, of course, the one pair of shoes i refuse to give up. so we go through an endless series of: run 1 mile in the piranhas. knee hurts. run 1 mile in random other shoe. knee feels fine. assume it must not have been the shoe at at all and the reason the knee feels better is because of magic running fairies. switch back to piranhas. knee hurts again. damn running fairies. cameo appearance by kelly clarkson. switch back to sensible shoes. knee feels fine. go home. pout.back to piranhas. commercial break. and the winner is …….. the piranhas. knee demands recount.

i’m on the fifth day of this science experiment, and the only thing i know for sure: six pairs of old running shoes don’t smell that great when they sit all day in a hot car. but then i’m guessing kelly clarkson doesn’t either. no idea on the status of her knee.

the end result? beats me. you’re always drawn back to true love, even if it hurts. maybe i’ll find some shoes that make me AND my knee happy someday. till then, sorry, knee. that’s show business.

running is complicated …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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2 Responses to shoe roulette

  1. pscapp says:

    Your left knee knows.

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