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tutu is the loneliest number

there are three absolute truths in running: lawn gnomes can’t be trusted during night runs. the deluxe combo enchilada platter at El Sol is not the best carbo loading meal. never try to outkick a chick wearing a tutu. and yet, … Continue reading

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the closest i ever came to the Western States 100 was fetching beers for an old russian guy in a hostel at squaw valley. i was taking part in a stage race from reno to san francisco. there were several … Continue reading

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just another e.r.

i’m sitting in the emergency room. it’s about 1 a.m., and i can only think about one thing: am i going to get out of here in time for the race? i’d been deathly sick for a week, but talked mo … Continue reading

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love can win. maybe.

“In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another.” — President Barack Obama — it was just another run in late june last year. i was running along the bayfront on the halley’s comet course when i … Continue reading

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yes, there’s a difference

“are you gay?” i pause for a moment to consider the ramifications of my answer. this is my wife asking. is she thinking this would be a good thing or a bad thing? will this possibly open me up for a … Continue reading

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did i mention muffins?

lessons from the Summer of Fleshman’s first 5K: if you’re trying to run the fastest possible time, maybe don’t choose a course that features the only hill in town. twice. beware 14-year-0lds in bun huggers.  they will crush your spirit as … Continue reading

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mr. pants’ rest day q&a

  summer is upon us. shiner is offering its seasonal prickly pear, the bluebonnets are but a fond memory (DAMMIT i missed the bluebonnets), and it’s almost time for hallmark to begin its countdown to christmas. that can mean only … Continue reading

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