did i mention muffins?

lessons from the Summer of Fleshman’s first 5K:

  • if you’re trying to run the fastest possible time, maybe don’t choose a course that features the only hill in town. twice.
  • beware 14-year-0lds in bun huggers.  they will crush your spirit as they fly by a mile ahead of you after the turn.
  • as it turns out, yes, 150 plus on hr works ok. hit 155 through a lot of second mile with no adverse effects, other than constant thoughts of impending death.
  • 178 and 0.83! no idea how. 10:02 first mile. and strava old guy pr for 2 mile and 5k. epic fail in last mile.
  • if you die in the third mile of the tempo run, you’re going to be die in the third mile of the race. physical or mental? maybe mental knowing about physical. i guess the key is to reach the point where i’m nailing third tempo mile, then head won’t have an excuse.
  • death before dishonor? good mile 3 mantra.
  • yin: if you enter a race with three guys in your age group and they offer awards three deep, there’s an excellent chance you’ll get an award.
  • yang: guy who won the 60 and over is 71 and uncorked a 24:45. dreams of dominance upon 60th birthday shattered.
  • there is a delightful irony about a vehicle with an oregon track and field sticker that has a  DFL license plate.
  • FUN! 5ks are just a lot of damn fun. this one was very small, a fundraiser for autism. but they had pro timing, muffins and great coffee. the prophet ali died on deadline last night, almost taking me with him, meaning pretty much no sleep. but a short nap was enough to feel good the entire race. and i have another one in two weeks. feeling like a fun summer …

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