love can win. maybe.

“In the face of hate and violence, we will love one another.”
— President Barack Obama

it was just another run in late june last year. i was running along the bayfront on the halley’s comet course when i saw them.

a group with rainbow flags had gathered outside the courthouse where for the first time, people anywhere in the u.s. could get married regardless of their sexual preference. they were celebrating, probably still stunned that the moment nobody dared hope for had arrived in their lifetimes. drivers waved and honked, celebrants hugged, tv crews filmed. i hit the pause button and went over. i gave them high fives and congratulations. a newspaper reporter asked if i was part of the lgbt community. aren’t we all?  i will always remember that sign: Love Won Today.

almost exactly a year later, i ran by that same spot today. the little grassy median where they gathered was empty. the courthouse was closed and foreboding.  i thought about that feeling of joy and optimism, the hope that things could change. and i thought about orlando, and how one evil spirit can cause so much pain. it felt like we were back at square one. so many young people’s lives ended or changed forever for no rational reason. how is it that we haben’t made any progress?

but then i thought about today’s run. it was pretty awful. the heat index was 170 and there was a pretty strong wind. i ended up running more slowly than last week’s run. no progress at all. but running teaches you to keep the faith. you have to step back and look at the big picture. relentless forward  motion’s results aren’t always obvious. all you can do is to keep trying. give your best to the running gods. and hope.

that was my takeaway from today’s run. maybe love doesn’t always win. but hope does. you have to believe things are going to be ok. you have to hope.

love can win. it’s up to us. let’s make it happen.

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