ok, i’ve gotten a little bored with running. left, right, left, right, left, right zzzzzz.

the solution: Shopping Cart Aerobics ©.

i have read about it, seen the videos and late-night informercials, but i had never actually tried it till mo talked me into it today. and i have to say i’m a believer.

it combines running with a great upper body workout. the hamstrings get a bonus from pushing, and trying to steer the carts on the track keep you focused.

they advise beginners to start out with just one cart, but macho runner that i am, i opted for the double. one lap later, i was whimpering like the kid in the shopping cart at the store who has just been denied his sugar frosted chocolate bombs.

a mile was all i could take. i rode in mo’s cart for the second mile, which i thought about claiming, but the Runner’s Code © ultimately prevailed.

a great workout and the perfect change of pace. i will sleep well tonight. unless the Shopping Cart Police © show up …

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