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just another morning conversation, part 69

me: we need a ba-dum-bum.  mo: i haven’t had coffee yet.  me: why have you not had coffee? mo: i have, but it isn’t working.  me: oh.  we don’t talk much in the morning. 

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hope gallery, part 2

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a pirate looks at 60

Yes, I am a pirate two hundred years too late. — the prophet jimmy buffett — if you had asked young gary if he thought old gary would make it to the big milestone, he would say “LIVE UNTIL I’M … Continue reading

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living in a cell

they’re on a date. i guess. we’re eating at a trendy lunch place. i’m not sure what trendy means, other than my pimiento cheese sandwich costs 10 bucks and there are an obscene number of art-deco elvis paintings. but mo … Continue reading

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life is funny, part 363

he’s wearing an incredibly cool pair of vintage asics racers. i’m smitten. i have just finished 2 miles on the dirt track at cole, seeing if the softer surface would help my ailing knee. it did not. maybe i’m finished? … Continue reading

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