an open letter to saint willie

dear saint willie:

please watch over my friend jim as he begins his journey. his nickname is Sunshine, which seems ironic till you get to know him. and then you’ll love him as much as we do.

please take care of him, don’t give him any one-column 42 pt hed orders, and maybe see to it that the chiefs win the super bowl this year. unless the cardinals clinch the nfc, in which case we never spoke.

six years i knew him. ain’t it funny how time slips away? hey, maybe you could make that into a song. you’re welcome.

anyhow,  he’s a good guy. he’s going to make a great addition to your band. please tell him i said hey. 

thanks for hearing my prayer, saint willie. unless it turns out you’re still alive, in which case HOLY CRAP WILLIE NELSON IS STILL ALIVE????


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7 Responses to an open letter to saint willie

  1. pscapp says:

    Speaking of the still alive Willie I picked up a great cd last month. Some people still buy cd’s i suppose cause I did. It’s called ” Summertime, Willie sings Gershwin.” Here’s my recommendation for your first listen. Don’t read the package for song titles. Find about 40 minutes to do nothing except listen to this masterpiece. Just slip the cd into your cd player, I suppose people still have those cause I do. Three of my favorites, Willie, George and Ira.

    • garbanzo says:


      • pscapp says:

        Well, that would be a no since about 1937. Ira passed in 1983. His nickname among his fellow lyricists was ” The Jeweler” because of his ability to fit the perfect word or phrase into a melody line, gems if you will. he was a craftsman of the first degree.

  2. garbanzo says:

    uh oh duet with sheryl crow, who was linked to lance armstrong, whose faithful lieutenant was named george, “coincidentally” the same name as the lyricist only now discovered to still be alive and writing songs for willie nelson. i only hope willie isn’t accused of drug use because of this connection.

  3. Gosh Darn says:


  4. Gosh Darn says:

    Awkward sideways hug

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