things i wish i had said, part 60

hey. i just wanted to say thanks for being my friend. it’s been such a hard stretch at work, and the only thing i know for sure is that you will stop by every day as you leave. i will ask “are you coming back?” and you will reply “no.” which sounds stupid to write now, but is always hilarious to us.

the beloved ball you lob across the room at inopportune moments (i’m sorry i slobbered on it). that look you give me when i say something stupid. the whack on the back of the head when i’m on deadline. the way you sneak over mid-shift to tell me about the homemade goodies you have hidden in features. the times you stay a half hour past the end of your shift to save my ass but never say anything about it. the way you let me know that in an uncaring world, you care. i know you’d do anything for me. i hope you know i’d do the same. the ship is sinking, but we’ll swim for it together. that’s what friends are for. i don’t know what we’ll do when we don’t see each other every day. we’ll figure it out.

i love you, pal, even if you’re a royals fan. have a good vacation. see you next week.

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