tim and me

ok considering i haven’t run in about 10 years. just tried to keep hr around 150. never switched watch over to time. felt fine first mile, then the usual fade. but it was fun. that’s the important thing, right? screw the watch.

odd to combine a 5k with a 9/11 memorial. but it got me out of bed in time to pause for a moment of silence at the moment it happened — the first time i’ve ever done that — so i guess it was a good thing. and the police band played the national anthem. bonus: there were a million cops and firefighters, so lots and lots of chances to tell them thanks. one of those days when you realize just how scary those jobs are.

best part of the run was that Tom O’Hagan ran with me. each bib came with the name of a first responder who died at the world trade center. tom was mine. he was a 38-year-old lieutenant from the bronx with 18-month-old twin sons. best chef on his crew. nice guy, his co-workers said. stomped out a fire when he was 7, suffered second- and third-degree burns when his pants caught on fire, and became a firefighter anyhow. his engine was out on a call when they saw the first explosion nearby, so he was one of the first guys to head into the north tower. he didn’t make it out. you get caught up with the thousands of people who died and somehow it loses its meaning. when you think about just one person, it becomes a lot more real. i was proud to carry his picture with me, even though i sweated on it and it turned green. sorry, tom. thanks for coming with me. i hope you had as much fun as i did.

bookkeeping: knee is still way there, but maybe workable. i had signed up this race a long time ago and the police department footed the bill, so i felt obligated even though i haven’t been training at all. plus, if i didn’t run, tom couldn’t run. so i figured what thy hey. can’t get much worse. first race in hokey pokeys. seemed fine. fingers crossed.

time to get back to it, boppers.





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1 Response to tim and me

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Thanks for telling us about Tom.
    Nice race!

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