skittles and me

i grew up with m&ms. the straight-up chocolate no frills no peanuts no pretzels no peanut butter just chocolate thank you very much variety.

growing up in west texas, you appreciate the candy shell. a hershey bar melts on the trip from the store to the car. not an m&m. you could find them under the couch or on the floorboard of the car weeks later and they were still just as good. this was before we found out that eating stuff off the floor might not be so healthy. sissies.

by the time skittles debuted in the u.s. in the early 1980s, it was way too late for me. i was already set in my ways. besides, they just seemed like an imposter; a little candy tease until you bit into it to discover THERE WAS NO CHOCOLATE!!!! what’s the point?

so i almost never ate them. it wasn’t that i had anything against them; i had just grown up in an area where we were never around them.  they were foreign to me. i never gave them much thought.

but today i tried some. and i gotta say they’re pretty fantastic. chewy and fruity and like a mary poppins song without an umbrella or dancing penguin.  i like them a lot. chocolate is for suckers. 

it’s easy to avoid stuff you’re not familiar with; to stay in your comfort zone. but how many joys in life are there if you never try something different? my old boss used to say “different isn’t always better, but better is always different.” but then he got laid off, so whatever.

all i know is they’re pretty great, and it would be insane to ban them from the u.s. just because they originated in britain and we don’t trust foreign candy.

don’t be scared of things just because they’re different. candy is candy. not like it will kill you or anything. and if it does, death by skittles seems like as good a way to go as any …

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3 Responses to skittles and me

  1. Gosh Darn says:

    This could go viral, you know…gd

  2. geezerrunner says:

    Have lived 77 years without eating a single Skittle. Maybe this is what I’ve been searching for.

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