once upon a masterpiece


it’s called masterpiece in a day. you go out on the street and paint something,
ingesting red bull and big red because it’s before noon and besides. red.
have you ever SEEN a mo painting?


our friend tinker came to hang out while mo painted.


mo was painting a dog, so we got a lot of dog visitors. no butt sniffing that i’m aware of.


the dogs seemed to like it. or maybe mo smells like a cat.


after a couple of hours of inhaling paint, the hallucinations began.


which of course means an appearance by frida.


and more dogs.


and then a parade broke out.


followed by dogs. some of whom weren’t too sure about art.


and some just wanted a treat. my kind of dog.


in the end, mo couldn’t decide between versions 1 and 2, so she asked her new friend annabelle, who studied them for a minute and then chose no. 3. everyone’s an art critic.


and when it was all over, the dog ended up where it started, with tinker,
who promised to give it a good home.

it was a good day. i hope i don’t have fleas.

the end.

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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1 Response to once upon a masterpiece

  1. Moose says:

    Wow. I really like the painting!!

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