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once upon a masterpiece

  it’s called masterpiece in a day. you go out on the street and paint something, ingesting red bull and big red because it’s before noon and besides. red. have you ever SEEN a mo painting? our friend tinker came … Continue reading

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skittles and me

i grew up with m&ms. the straight-up chocolate no frills no peanuts no pretzels no peanut butter just chocolate thank you very much variety. growing up in west texas, you appreciate the candy shell. a hershey bar melts on the … Continue reading

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doubtful? bite me.

can you get arrested for wearing a shirt with an elf saying “bite me”? i was about to find out. i was rummaging through the shirt box looking for a victim when i saw it. the christmas shirt. it was … Continue reading

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i killed willie nelson

in my defense, i examined it closely, and NOWHERE does it say “caution: do not leave this candle exposed to direct sunlight in 95 degree weather for three days you moron.” or else this story would have turned out differently. … Continue reading

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tim and me

ok considering i haven’t run in about 10 years. just tried to keep hr around 150. never switched watch over to time. felt fine first mile, then the usual fade. but it was fun. that’s the important thing, right? screw … Continue reading

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