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wooden spoons

It’s just a wooden spoon. It showed up a couple of days ago in the brown sugar canister. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe it’s new in town, like me, and needed a place to stay. I’m not … Continue reading

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and i haven’t seen any pelicans yet

One day you’re sitting next to an ocean. The next day, you’re sitting next to a saguaro. Damn google maps …

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living with an artist, part 13

We’re making our first visit to the Scottsdale mall. It’s not a store mall, but a Washington, D.C., mall, except no Forrest Gump calling for Jenny. It’s near the new home and one of our favorite places. A fabulous library … Continue reading

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life raft

It’s my last day in Corpus Christi. I’m driving back from getting my oil changed when I see him. We’ve crossed paths almost every day over the six-something years I’ve been here. I’m guessing he had a stroke of some … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 63

So that’s where we start — here, now, damaged, scared, grateful, surrounded by our beloved, by sad strangers, with lots of poor people to care for, a world to save, a bracing cup of coffee, walks begging to be taken, … Continue reading

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