life is funny, part 368

Longtime readers will recall I shredded my spare tire in the misguided belief that it’s OK to drive on it while flat. Who knew? Today I picked up the shiny new spare tire, which cost 85 bucks. That seemed like a lot for a donut tire, but whatever. I placed it in the back of the hatchback on top of a bunch of U-Haul cardboard boxes and drove home.

Three hours later as I went out to leave for work, I noticed that the rear window had been smashed, and not in a good way.  I’m guessing.they were after my shiny new spare tire but got interrupted because the parking lot has a lot of people coming and going.

Downside: Replacing the window will cost $326.09, roughly twice the value of my car.

Upside: 85 bucks for a shiny new spare tire doesn’t seem that expensive anymore.

Life is funny …


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5 Responses to life is funny, part 368

  1. Dave says:

    Mean people suck.

  2. verticaletc says:

    Geeze! South Tejas is giving you some mixed messages.

  3. wanderwolf says:

    Looks like life is kind of mean. Or has a twisted sense of humor. Sorry about the window. But they left the tire, right?

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