watch your back, alex cope

Running is funny. I’m old. I’m slow. I’m not even a teeny bit competitive.

And then.

I ran on the Chaparral Loop for the first time today. A loop just a nudge under a mile around a lake. Flat, fast sidewalk. Water fountain.

It was cool, so I ran a little faster than usual, but no big deal. Mo did a bonus lap trying to chase down a couple of chihuahuas. So I was killing time looking at Strava, when I saw it.

The all-time leaderboard for this loop.

Some showoff named Pedro Gomes holds the course record, 5:28. Then they list the top 10 and the people who are close to me. and I’M NO. 88!!!!!! THE 88TH FASTEST TIME EVER POSTED ON THIS PARTICULAR LOOP BY PEOPLE WHO USE STRAVA!!!!!! Granted, there are only 113 times listed there, but I BEAT SOMEONE!!! I’M NOT LAST!!!

I sat around the start-finish in case someone wanted to get an autograph or take a selfie with me, but not so much. And then Mo came back from her chihuahua conquest, and that was that.

But still. 88th! I’m sure Terry Harron, now reduced to 89, is crushed. Sorry, pal. That’s racing.

What better incentive than a virtual race? I’m looking forward to tomorrow already.

I’m old. I’m slow. But maybe a teeny bit competitive.

Running is funny.

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2 Responses to watch your back, alex cope

  1. geezerrunner says:

    I hope Mr. Cope can live up to his name. Some folks wouldn’t take kindly to being supplanted by a legume.

  2. Dave says:

    I try to tell myself I’m not competitive. Then I try to be less competitive than someone else and realize …

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