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life is funny, part 370

You don’t want to run. It’s been a depressing week and you just want to disappear. But it’s your day off and you’re scared to turn on the TV or look at the news, so you drag out the marx … Continue reading

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question authority

Sometimes you have to Question Authority. I set out to run the mad dog today. I want to get in the habit of running that loop. 5.6 is  about right for a work day, and it’s just a fun course. … Continue reading

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the quotable mo sheppo, part 19

“My family is from Finland, 1904, through the great matriarch Statue of Liberty. God bless New York.” And God bless everyone who takes a stand for what they believe in.

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strawberry apricot pie

Do your eyes have an answer to this song of mine They say we meet again on down the line Where is on down the line how far away? Tell me I’m okay — Margaret A. Roche Longtime readers will … Continue reading

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the woman in the blue sleeping bag

Bright before me the signs implore me To help the needy and show them the way Human kindness is overflowing And I think it’s going to rain today — the prophet randy newman Some snapshots stay with you. I’m walking … Continue reading

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things i wish i had said, part 65

“I’m still asking you to believe — not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. I believe in change because I believe in you.” — Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

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strange days indeed

nobody told me there’d be days like these strange days indeed — the prophet john lennon — It’s Sunday night and I’m at the store. I seem to have the place pretty much to myself. An hour before it closes, … Continue reading

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