just another pineapple outing

The person who said “You can lead a pineapple to water but you can’t make him stink” was totally wrong. My pineapple is starting to smell funny. Mo demanded that I walk downwind, and given the normal stench coming from my shoes, that’s saying something. Such as, time for a new pineapple. Or hope that Mo’s allergies flare up again.

The pineapple enjoyed the outing, an elderly couple enjoyed his company, although I don’t think they ever quite understood what exactly we were doing, and the little jagged things on top poked the bejeeebus out of me. So now I am toally without bejeeebus.

He was supposed to go for a swim, but mostly he re-enacted the parrot skit from Monty Python. At least that explains the vaguely European accent.

A warm day, a blue sky, my best friend and a stinky pineapple. What more could you ask?

p.s. the Nathan Fireball is the perfect size for toting a pineapple on your run, should you ever find yourself in that situation. And I hope you don’t.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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11 Responses to just another pineapple outing

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Wait, so you actually have take a pineapple on outings with you? Why? (Why not? will not satisfy me as an answer)

  2. George says:

    Wander wolf, pineapples need exercise too.

  3. Dave says:

    What does one do with a bejeesus when one has it?

  4. pscapp says:

    I’ll bet the sweet potato is jealous.

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