put up a parking lot

So there I was. The world’s most reclusive guy, under a solemn vow never to make eye contact with another being, pulling in front of a stranger’s house in The Greater Phoenix Metro Area.

I was there to meet the mythical El  Señor, the Don Juan to my Carlos Castaneda. We had met on this blog thing called the Loop and hit it off. There aren’t many people in life who fascinate me. As it turns out, most of them spent some time on an obscure little chat site on Runner’s World.

He went by Senior Runner, or Theo Pocalypse or Justajester or Jim. Never trust people who use aliases. He was in town for a race. Within a few minutes, we went from random strangers to best friends.

I gave him a pair of asics Piranhas (I gave them to three people altogether and all three ended up crippled.) We talked. He played guitar. I stared at him a lot. He was a real person. The internet is weird.

He blessed my Day-Glo Orange Lightweight Racing Soup Ladles (anything else is just a big spoon) ©. One was headed for an undisclosed combat zone, the other to a home in upstate New York. We basked in the warmth of the Phoenix sun. We did friend stuff. I always wondered what friend stuff was.

We ended up at a fast-food Japanese place. The nice lady at the counter looked at us for a minute. “You’re brothers!” she exclaimed. We said yes, yes we are. “I knew it. It’s in your eyes,” she declared.

I guess that’s the way it always was in this joint. We started out as reclusive runners, only to end up as reclusive runners who are friends. Most of the best friends I’ll ever have started out here as nothing more than a weird alias and a cryptic image. And then they snuck up on me and turned into real people whose friendships I will treasure forever. It’s in your eyes.

I love you guys, and I’m honored to have laughed and cried and screamed and made silliness with such a fine group of peeps. I’m sorry the show had to end. On to the next show.

your pal gary

p.s. they discontinued piranhas. Nothing lasts forever …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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  1. geezerrunner says:

    Dang! I feel strangely moved!

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