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The Dancing Bananas, part 1

Back in a previous incarnation, Char and I were a vaudeville act, a largely overlooked duo playing the Milwaukee circuit for cheap beer and free Packers tickets. So the formation of The Dancing Bananas should come as no surprise. I … Continue reading

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just a few more miles

Just a few more miles, you tell yourself. You can do it. How did you get here? It was such a beautiful day. Miles flying by, the sun setting over the mountains.  That feeling you could do this forever. Running … Continue reading

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We’re out for a walk. Left foot, right foot. Repeat as necessary. We’re hanging out for the week while June is at a conference. It’s a good visit, that sort of stay with no agenda, no expectations. Beer and M&Ms … Continue reading

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I think I’m haunted. It started innocently enough. It must’ve been around 1994. I had a map of Texas spread out on the dining rom table, trying to plot a west-east route for an unsupported run across the state. The … Continue reading

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willie, fiona and me

What i need is a good defense ‘Cause I’m feeling like a criminal — the prophet fiona apple — My life is flashing before my eyes. It’s one of those budget kung-fu movies, roughly translated into English where the dialogue … Continue reading

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