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conversations with char, part 1

me: Here’s your mail. You got more greeting cards today than I’ve gotten in my entire life. char: That’s because you don’t have any friends. note to self: Char is mean. Don’t send her a greeting card. Advertisements

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the day i stopped caring

I’d love to change the world But I don’t know what to do So I’ll leave it up to you — the prophet alvin lee — Halfway through the set, I realized the problem with Ani. She wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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i wonder if jesus has a ponytail now

mo: look at this painting of jesus. me: wow. he’s a handsome devil. i hope hell has mexican food. i bet the enchies have onions.

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Starry Starry night Paint your palette blue and gray — the prophet don mclean — I think I saw Herman today. You know him. OK, you don’t. But you know someone like him. Or you should. I was coming off … Continue reading

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just another morning conversation, part 71

mo: When we started out as a couple, you always made the coffee. me: That was only to get you to sleep with me. note to self: don’t talk in the morning till after you’ve had coffee.

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living with an artist, part 16

The best part about living with an artist? The constantly evolving gallery 6 feet away from me. Plus really good coffee. OK, mostly that second one. But still.

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She stands transfixed by the painting. A step back, a step to the side. Studying it, embracing it, loving it. It’s who she is. She asks afterward if i just go because of her. I say I love going. And … Continue reading

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