with the sky blue sky
this ride in time
wouldn’t seem so bad to me
i didn’t die
i should be satisfied i survived
it’s good enough for now
— the prophet tweedy


We’re out looking for bluebonnets. Because you never know.

We planted them in October. They won’t bloom till April or May, if they bloom at all. We know that. But we go to take a look anyhow.

The burger place at the trailhead is under new management. We make a mental note and promise to visit later as we park illegally in the lot. Does it really matter who manages a burger place? Do the burgers care?

It’s a beautiful day, finally warming up after 48 hours that made me regret taking the Bowman No Pants Vow. We visited Lone Wolf Bridge and found an unexpected piece of artwork on the other end. It’s a huge metal frame heart with a keyhole. Which wouldn’t be that great, except that people hang locks with the name of their loved one engraved on them. A statement of undying love, I guess. I just know it feels right for this little thing in the middle of nowhere to serve as a remembrance. I wish we had one for Ma. Add to list of mental notes.

The bridge makes for a nice hike. It was a working bridge when I was a kid, and I remember being scared when we drove across it. Visiting today, I remembered why. It’s ridiculously narrow. Only wide enough for a car going one direction, but because of the arc, you don’t know if impending death is upon you till it’s too late. I have no idea how people used to navigate it. But now it’s a pedestrian walkway and we have it to ourselves. It’s a good walk. Walking is what we do.

And so here we are back on the bluebonnet path. It’s been recently mowed. Does that mean our flowers are doomed in the spring? I think it’s a state law that you can’t mow them down, but I’m guessing the mowers won’t be impressed.

We walk along contentedly, smelling the newly managed burgers and dodging kids running a lap around the loop. This is our place now, I suppose. It feels right walking here — home at 3 mph.

Rick stops now and then to stare intently at the ground. Sometimes you have to stop and look or life will pass you by. I think Ferris Bueller said that. Or maybe Thoreau. Or maybe it was Rick.

Of course, there are no flowers yet. Four more months. And it was 18 degrees a couple of days ago, ensuring the only blue things to be found were my toes.

We go to the burger place and try the “dipping sauce” they offer for french fries as an alternative to ketchup. Why do you need an alternative to ketchup? Why can’t some things be good enough. Why do we change for change?

We both switch to ketchup. We both have burgers with mustard and no onions. We both peel off the extra lettuce. It’s like we’re brothers or something.

We go home and get the cat hooked on kitty treats. I listen to Tweedy. He checks the garbage cans.

Life is funny. You know what the reality is. Not all movies are made for Hallmark. The important thing is to enjoy every french fry. Take the memories and lock them away in your heart. Or maybe on a little bridge. And then you look for bluebonnets.

Because you never know …

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  1. I have always preferred catsup.

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